Named after Iowa Theta’s founding year, the 1993 Club is the Iowa Theta AVC’s young graduate giving society. Each year, graduating seniors are asked to make a gift of $19.93 or more in honor of Iowa Theta’s founding year.

What does my gift do?

Your gift helps with the day-to-day operations of the IA Theta AVC and for improvement and upkeep to the house. This will allow the AVC to focus raising larger dollars on purchasing the house, but still allow the undergrads to receive better amenities. We are the best chapter at UNI and it is time we have the best facilities.

How much should I give?

We realize that you are a recent graduate and are just starting your new life after college. That is why we are asking recent graduates to make a gift of $19.93 a year for 5 years. We will not request any increases to your giving or ask directly for another donation until you have been out of college for 5 years.

What happens when I join?

1993 Club members will be listed in the alumni section of the newsletter and on the alumni section of You will also be recognized at the annual golf outing.

Below is the donation area.  Feel free to change the donation amount to anything above $19.93 if you wish to donate more, pay for multiple years, or would just like to make a donation to the IA Theta AVC.