Starting out my first year of college I was in the shoes of many of you who may be reading this. I was your normal college freshman planning to have a great first year of college and was involved in the Balanced Man Scholarship process.  Originally, I signed up for the scholarship because well, hey it’s the opportunity for free money, and after college bills, we will all need more money.

After becoming a semi finalist, then a finalist in the Balanced Man Scholarship process, I had already been to a few of the recruitment events hosted by SigEp plavix cost.  I did not make it any farther in the Balanced Man Scholarship process, but after getting to know the men of SigEp I realized they really weren’t like the stereotypical “frat” guys you first think of.  Of course when I talked to my parents about joining the first thing they could think of were all of the movies where fraternities were cast in a bad light and they asked my why I even considered it.  I told my parents, “These guys, and this fraternity, are very different from all of the other fraternities.”

During the Fall Rush of 2012 I was offered a bid to join SigEp, and looking back on it it may have been the best decision of my life.  SigEp has helped me in so many ways, whether it is pushing me to keep my grades up or making professional connections with SigEp alumni.  Joining SigEp was the best decision I have made in my life thus far, and without it I can not even imagine what college or life in general would be like.