The Iowa Theta Alumni and Volunteer Corporation (AVC) is an independent, non-profit corporation established to serve and benefit the alumni, volunteers and undergraduates of Iowa Theta.

Some of the duties of the AVC:

– To serve the alumni and volunteers of Iowa Theta

– To serve as a landlord for the chapter, if the chapter owns a house

– To provide advice and counsel to the undergraduate chapter

Because undergraduate chapter membership turns over every four years, the AVC provides continuity by maintaining a long-term perspective. The volunteers on the AVC are responsible for advising and counseling the undergraduate leaders of the chapter.

The AVC is entrusted with the protection and growth of the chapter’s assets.  Iowa Theta has a scholarship fund with the SigEp Educational Foundation, through which tax deductible donations may be made.

Current AVC Members:

President – Chad Ellsworth ’95

Executive Vice President – Adam Haselhuhn ’11

Vice President of Finance – Joel Anderson ’11 

Vice President of Relations: Cody McLees ’16 

Vice President of Development: David Weber ’07 

Vice President of Housing: Jeremy Tipton ’09

Vice President of Undergraduates: James Gulley ’10 

At-Large Member: Carson Hattel ’03 

At- Large Member: Shawn Yockey

At- Large Member: 

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