Going into college I was not prepared for what it was going to throw at me. I thought it would be a cake walk, boy was I wrong. It was like stepping into a batters’ box and having to try to hit a 100 mph pitch, which is hard to do even if you are good at baseball. I really had to learn how to manage my time and take care of ‘me’ which can be difficult imp source. It took me about a semester to adjust to the “college” lifestyle and to get used to the speed at which classes went through material, but I adapted and have done pretty well since then.

Coming to UNI was quite the experience because I had been at smaller schools in previous years and UNI was bigger, had more people, and a tad intimidating. I can say now that those three things are not true whatsoever. For me it feels like a second home and that’s what helped me to adapt to the university. Being an out of state student I came here knowing one or two people and that was it, so I knew if I didn’t reach out and befriend some people then it was going to be a long couple of years. I wound up with SigEp and those guys are truly some of the best people I know. I can say that the last few years at UNI have been my “college experience” and I am glad that I am where I am.

So my advice for any incoming freshman or for any transfer student is that you should be outgoing, have fun while in college, focus on your schoolwork (that’s why you’re in college right?), and don’t try to please every person, be you!