The Ancient Greeks believed in developing a Sound Mind and a Sound Body as the way to live a balanced and wholesome life. In 1990, Sigma Phi Epsilon adopted this philosophy with the Balanced Man Ideal, and has since awarded the Balanced Man Scholarship to some of the best students coming to campus. Each fall, the Iowa Theta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon awards a scholarship for incoming and transfer students. The scholarship is offered to male students who excel in the areas of scholarship, leadership, athletics, and community service. As the nation’s largest fraternity (15,000 undergraduates) with the highest average GPA (3.06 GPA nationwide, and a 3.22 GPA at UNI), we desire to reward men who exemplify these principles, as we believe they are essential to achieving balance and satisfaction in every aspect of life.

Sound Mind

Sigma Phi Epsilon holds fast to the philosophy that the mind and its health are central to leading a balanced life. Developing a sound mind involves challenging one’s mind both inside and outside the classroom. A balanced man develops habits that keep the mind healthy, helping him avoid stress and improve his problem solving ability. A sound mind leads to success not only during the collegiate experience, but also in a professional life after college; however, college is one of the best times in a man’s life to expand his horizons and learn from new and challenging experiences.

Sound Body

Sigma Phi Epsilon believes that the body is the vessel for the mind, and thus its fitness is fundamental for maintaining a balanced life. Maintaining a sound body requires regular exercise and healthy decisions. In college, finding a network of friends and mentors to motivate and keep one accountable can be a significant asset for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease and stress throughout life.


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There is no obligation to join Sigma Phi Epsilon to be eligible for this scholarship.