Hey, so you are thinking about running for exec this year. Congratulations, and regardless of what happens know that you are taking positive steps to show the chapter you are ready for a leadership role. This is my third time for exec elections so I plan on passing down a little bit of the wisdom I have gained over my last 2 years at the University of Northern Iowa. I am going to focus this article for those of you for whom this will be your first executive board election.
One of the things that I wish I had known the last two elections was that our elections are not focused around who has the best ideas. This is one of the most important tenets, and one that had I known, I may have been on the exec board right now. The last two times that I ran, I ran on ideas, great ideas. The thought process though isn’t about who has the best ideas, its about who we can see being the most productive, and moving the position forward great post to read. If you know that, you will be in a better place for your election. Come in to your speech and be prepared to explain why you are ready for an exec role, and why you are better for the job than those running against you.  This is not to say you shouldn’t come into election night without any ideas, doing so would be shooting yourself in the foot. There are definitely people in the chapter who view having ideas as a very important part and believe that it really shows your passion for the position and could put them in a position to vote for you. I am just saying that you cannot win a Sigma Phi Epsilon election based solely on ideas.


Something important for you to do as well, if you have not already is to meet with the person holding the position, as well as those in the chapter you could see helping out. The majority of elections are won before election night. So what you want to do is to get people on your side if you can. If you can get older, respected members to vouch for you on election night you are going to be in a much better position than had you not. Remember you only get 3 minutes to talk, those you are running against get the same amount of time. However there is one important element that you will not be allowed to participate in during your election. While you can not personally control it, you want to take charge of that conversation, and get people on your side. That part of the election is the discussion after. There is more time dedicated to that, and that is where getting allies election night comes in to play.


Also remember winning or losing that night does not define who you are as a person, or who you are in the chapter. I have never won an exec election. I have still gotten plenty of benefit from our chapter, and I personally believe that people view me as a leader in the chapter. I have done things on campus, and within SigEp, not having a position on our exec board has not set me back at all. I bounced back, found my passion in the chapter, and realized that I am much happier with my role in SigEp than I would have been had I won.

Good Luck,
Barry Schintler