Name: Jacob Haag

Major & Graduation: Business | 2020

Why UNI: I chose UNI was the perfect-sized a college for me. I felt like I was getting the Division I experience with the close-knit community of a smaller school.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because it is a great opportunity to join a charitable group of guys who focus on leadership and brotherhood.

Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA

Activities: Intramural Football, Tennis, and Wrestling. Also involved in musicals and St. Stephen’s choir




Name: Cody Kelchen

Major & Graduation: Business Teaching | 2021

Why UNI: I chose UNI because it is the best teaching college in Iowa, and because my brother went here and loved it.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because they were the first and only ones to pursue my membership, and it meant a lot to feel wanted so badly by a group of guys I had never met, just because they liked who I was.

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Activities: Teaching a parkour class at Sokol Gymnastics in Cedar Rapids




Name: Joe Koberna

Major & Graduation: Business | 2020

Why UNI: I chose UNI because of the beautiful campus and friendly staff.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because I wanted to be able to become a better man and make lifelong friends.

Any executive or chair positions in SigEp:  Vice President of Recruitment

Hometown: Coralville, IA

Activities: Campbell senate, intramurals




Name: Jacob Levang

Major & Graduation: Finance | 2020

Why UNI: I chose UNI because it is the right size for me and everyone made me feel comfortable and at home.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp after meeting all of the members of Iowa Theta. I knew then this was something I wanted to be a part of.

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Activities: Intramurals, Real Estate Club, Campbell Senate




Name: Brandon Lynch

Major & Graduation: Social Science Teaching & Philosophy | 2020

Why UNI: I chose UNI for the perfect campus size and the fantastic teaching program.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because I felt it was the best way to make myself a better man.

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, IA

Activities: Philosophy Club, Explorers of Religion, Aspiring SInger-Songwriter, Intramural Tennis/Basketball/Flag Football





Name: Cordell Parks

Major & Graduation: Marketing and Economics | 2020

Why UNI: I chose UNI because it’s a great place to earn a business major and it is the perfect size for a college.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because I felt what they stand for is what every man ought to be, and they all genuinely care about one another.

Any executive or chair positions in SigEp: Director of Balanced Man Scholarship

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Activities: AMA(American Marketing Assoc.), UNI Entrepreneurs Club, Economics Club



Name: Leo Rehman

Major & Graduation: Accounting | 2021

Why UNI: I chose UNI for its great size and reputable business program.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp for the brotherhood and the great opportunities that would help me grow to be a balanced man.

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Activities: Intramurals




Name: Alex Smith

Major & Graduation: Accounting and Finance | 2020

Why UNI: I chose UNI due to an excellent accounting program that will hopefully help me achieve my dream of working at a Big Four accounting firm.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because of their superior reputation on campus. They hold their members to higher standards; their sound body and sound mind programs are what really drew me to the organization.

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Activities: Accounting Club, Finance Club, College Republicans




Name: Jacob Stites

Major & Graduation: Actuarial Science | 2020

Why UNI: I chose UNI because of the medium size and moderate distance from home.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because of the men involved in the chapter and the chance to get involved in things on UNI’s campus.

Any executive or chair positions in SigEp: Vice President of Finance

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Activities: Intramural sports, Actuarial Science Club



 Name: Alex Crum

Major & Graduation: Movement & Exercise Science | 2019

Why UNI: UNI wasn’t too big, but still felt like a somewhat large university.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because I saw an organization that could help better me as a student and a future employee in the working world.

Hometown: Ames, IA

Activities: SALT Company




Name: Ryan Foreman

Major & Graduation: Deciding Major | May 2019

Why I chose UNI: The moment I came to visit UNI I knew it was the right fit for me. The campus, staff, and size of the university was what I was looking for in a school, and UNI had was the perfect fit.

Why I chose SigEp: I wanted to be apart of an organization that would help better me for my future. After looking around, I found that SigEp was exactly the opportunity I was looking for. I attended a few events of theirs and found that the current members were extremely welcoming and I felt right at home.

Hometown: Grimes, Iowa

Activities: Intramural Football




Name: Ben Fuentes

Major & Graduation: Computer Science | May 2019

Why UNI: I came from a small town and spent my high school years at a small high school, and UNI had that same small school feel; it’s a tight-knit community and everyone wants to help each other. You can’t find that anywhere else.

Why SigEp: This fraternity really is different. There’s a strong connection between the guys here and that’s apparent to anyone who talks to them. They really are brothers.

Any executive or chair positions in SigEp: Vice President of Communication

Hometown: Le Mars, Iowa

Activities: Intramural Football




Name: Ben Hirdler

Major & Graduation: English Teaching & Philosophy | 2020

Why UNI: I chose UNI because of the proximity to my home and the excellent teaching program.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because they’re a great group of guys who are dedicated to helping each other grow.

Any executive or chair positions in SigEp: Chaplain

Hometown: Waterloo





Name: Lucas Johnson

Major & Graduation: Business | 2019

Why UNI: I lived in Ames my entire life and wanted to explore a new area, and live on my own away from my family.

Why SigEp: I wanted to be pushed academically and have someone to hold me accountable for my grades. I also wanted to join to see what leadership opportunities I could get involved in. Lastly I wanted to become a better well rounded man, and what better way to do it then to join SigEp.

Hometown: Ames

Activities: Social ballroom dancing




Name:  Aidan Perry

Major & Graduation:  Finance/Real Estate | 2019

Why UNI:  It has a great business program, smaller campus, good distance away from home, great reputation

Why SigEP:  I chose Sig Ep to network and make some life long friends. I also chose Sig Ep to develop leadership skills. Sig Ep also has the best reputation of the fraternities on campus.

Hometown:  Huxley, Iowa



Name:  Reed Shepherd

Major & Graduation:  Finance & Real Estate | 2019

Why UNI:  Academically the best fit

Why SigEp:  I believe Sig Ep is a great opportunity for me, and will provide lots of experience for me

Leadership roles in SigEp:  BMC Chairmen

Hometown:  Waverly, IA




Name: Drew Stensland

Major and Anticipated Graduation: Political Science | 2019

Why UNI: It felt like the right size and seemed like a great place to further my education.

Why SigEp: I wasn’t planning on joining a fraternity until I came to a few rush events. I realized that SigEp was very different and really liked both there different ways to give back to the community and the fact that they had a different structure than every other fraternity.

Leadership role in SigEp: Chairman of Dues

Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa

Activities: Campbell Senate. Campaign Advisor for Jim Brown for Mayor



Name:  Jake Weber

Major and Anticipated Graduation:  Mathematics | Spring 2018

Why you chose UNI:  I chose UNI because I have been coming here for classes the past two years, and it already feels like home. The wonderful professors and perfectly sized campus are really what drew me in.

Why you chose SigEp:  I chose to join SigEp because I saw the group as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and as a great way to get involved on campus.

Hometown: Waterloo, IA

Activities:  UNI Cycling Club




Name: Justin Carlyle

Major & Graduation: Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy | 2018

Why UNI: I chose UNI because of the tremendous exercise science program and the size of a state college.

Why SigEp: I chose to join SigEp because I loved what the fraternity stood for and the many opportunities this brotherhood presents through volunteering, leadership and networking.

Hometown: Grimes, Iowa

Activities: Pre-Physical Therapy Club




Name: Cavan FinnHeadshot

Major and Anticipated Graduation: Finance and Real Estate ’18

Why you chose UNI: I chose UNI because the campus felt like home and I felt like I belonged on the campus. I also chose UNI because of the well respected business program. I felt like UNI would get me prepared for the real world better than the other universities that I visited.

Why you chose to join SigEp: I chose to join SigEp because I felt welcome around all the guys. A lot of older members hold high positions at the University and that makes me want to live up to their roles. I feel like SigEp will present me with many opportunities that I would not get with any other student organization on campus.

Hometown: Perry, Iowa

Activities: Rho Epsilon Real Estate Club, Northern Iowa Student Government College of Business Administration Senator, Best Buddies



Name: Isaac Ehlers

Major and Anticipated Graduation: Real Estate and Human Resource Management; Minor: Ethics ’18
Why you chose UNI: I chose UNI because I loved the campus size, and how homey the campus felt. I also was impressed by the well-respected College of Business Administration.
Why you chose to join SigEp: I joined SigEp because I wanted to get involved on campus and become a part of something bigger than just myself. I also worked with two brothers and they told me about their awesome experiences with SigEp, which made me decide to join, and its the best decision I’ve made.
Hometown: Dyersville, Iowa
Activities: Rho Epsilon Real Estate Club, Campus Activities Board, UNI Now





Name: Hunter FleschIMG_0927

Major and Anticipated Graduation: Elementary and Middle Level Education 2018

Why you chose UNI: I chose UNI a because of the quality education program, as well as the relatively small size.

Why you chose to join SigEp: I chose to join SigEp because it got me involved right away with a group of guys that would hold me to higher standards than the average student.

Hometown: Waukee, Iowa

Activities: Men’s Varsity Glee Club




Name: Avery JohnsonMK4_7578_0

Major and Anticipated Graduation: English; Minors: Professional Writing and Creative Writing May 2018

Why you chose UNI: Being from a small town I didn’t want to jump into a big school where I’d be just a number. I chose UNI because of the friendly campus. Not only is the campus size friendly but the students and faculty members are too! UNI also has many great opportunities for students whatever the interest.

Why you chose to join SigEp: I recognized that a lot of student leaders on campus were a part of SigEp. As I got to know them and understood what SigEp meant and was about I decided it was something I wanted to be a part of too. Out of all of my involvements it’s one of my favorites. It’s opened so many doors for me that I might not have ever opened on my own.

Hometown: Greene, Iowa

Activities: Bible Study through the Navigators, Connecting Alumni to Students (CATS), Student Admissions Ambassadors (SAA), and Career Guide



Name: Dawson Jones

Major:  Management Information Systems

Why UNI:  I chose UNI because I liked the size of the campus and student body. I also love the campus and location of the school.

Why SigEp:  I joined SigEp after I was interviewed for the Balanced Man Scholarship.  I was invited to the events and loved hanging out with all the guys and liked what the fraternity stands for.  I saw it as a chance to better myself and create lifelong brothers.

Hometown:  Muscatine, Iowa

Activities:  Management Information Systems Association, Supply Chain Management Association



Name: Daniel Reiter

Major & Graduation: Elementary Education with minor in Special Education | 2018

Why UNI: I chose UNI because of the very good teaching program and I liked the size of the campus.

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because i knew that it was a great group of guys to surround myself around and will always be there if I need something. They have the highest GPA on campus which gives me another reason to keep my grades up high, and lastly because I want to be able to have brothers all over the place.

Hometown: Davenport, IA

Activities: Marching Band, Pep Band




Name: Jared RiterOSPC - Jared

Major and Anticipated Graduation: Biology 2018

Why you chose UNI: I chose UNI because it is a school that is small enough that you have a personal relationship with your professors, but still big enough to feel like I am at a larger university. I also like the science department and how it growing and advancing.

Why you chose to join SigEp: I joined SigEp because I could tell that it is a good group of guys that I could build great friendships in.  Also I see it as a great opportunity to be able to experience many different opportunities and leadership opportunities that I would not
be able to get somewhere else.

Any executive or chair positions in SigEp: President

Hometown:  Norwalk, IA

Activities:  Cycling club, Pre-Dental Club




Name: Jake Van Essen

Major & Graduation: Marketing | 2018

Why UNI: I chose UNI because I always enjoyed the small university feel and big campus look, and it’s far enough away from home!

Why SigEp: I chose SigEp because after rush, I knew they held themselves to a higher standard than other universities. They expect a lot of their members, but the return is well worth the initial investment.

Hometown: Otley, IA

Activities: College Ministry, Redeemer Church, and mentoring at Holmes Jr. High in Cedar Falls






Name: Shane Boyer DSC_0011

Major and Anticipated Graduation: Finance and Real Estate: December 2016

Why you chose UNI: I chose UNI after countless trips to visit both my brother and sister when they attended. UNI Campus has always felt like home to me where I feel valued and not just another student. I also chose UNI because of the nationally known business program. I knew coming to UNI I was going to leave with a degree that prepared me for the professional world. Choosing to come to UNI will be a decision that will have an positive impact on my life forever.

Why you chose to join SigEp: I chose to join SigEp to become involved with a student organization that would allow me to become involved and have an impact early on. I wanted to surround myself with other guys who will push me to be my very best while developing lifelong friendships. Joining SigEp has allowed me countless experiences I would have not been able to receive without being in this Fraternity.

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Activities: Rho Epsilon: VP of Finance (Real Estate Club), Interf-Faterinty Council: President (IFC)



Name: Cam DraudeCam Composite 2014-2015
Major: Public Administration: Emphasis in Economics and Finance ’17
Why I Chose UNI: I fell in love with the campus during my first visit. With the tight-knit feel of a small school and the hundreds of different ways to get involved, it was truly a perfect fit for me.
Why I Chose to Join SigEp: I had some interest in Greek Life in high school but was a little worried about all of the stereotypes I had seen in movies. However, after applying for the Balanced Man Scholarship and coming around to a few recruitment events, and seeing how much the guys cared about bettering themselves, the community, and each other, I knew this was where I belonged.
Leadership Roles in SigEp: Philanthropy Chair, Phi Class Coordinator
Hometown: Altoona, Iowa
Activities: BASIC Campus Ministry, UNI Dance Marathon, Economics Club






Name: Drew HaysDrew_Hays_60

Major: Digital Media Production ’16

Why you chose UNI: I chose UNI because of the excellent internship opportunities available for video production majors. I also fell in love with the campus, the friendly smiles I see everywhere on campus, and the honor of being a Panther!
Why you chose to join SigEp: I chose to join Sigma Phi Epsilon because I was looking for a place where I could meet new people and form connections that are far greater than just surface level ones. I truly feel like I have found friends who will be my brothers for the rest of my life.
Leadership Role in SigEp: Website Content Committee, Historian
Hometown: Waukee, Iowa
Activities: Tennis Club, Dance Marathon All Committee Member, BASIC Leadership Team Member





Name: Toby Maggert

Major: Mathematics Education  ’17

Why you chose UNI: I chose UNI because of their prestigious education college.

Why you chose to join SigEp: I chose to join SigEp because I made a real connection with the guys immediately after I met them. I knew that they really good guys and I wanted to get involved in whatever it was that they were doing right.

Hometown: Matlock, Iowa

Activities: I am an active member of the UNI Men’s Rugby Club, The Salt Company, and Big Brothers Big Sisters




Name: Jim Storm

Major: Criminology

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018

Why you chose UNI: I chose UNI because of the campus size. I have a lot of friends who go to UNI and originally I wanted to be a teacher and I know UNI is known for having a great education program.

Why you chose Sig Ep: I chose SigEp because of the standards required, the balanced man program, and just the guys in the fraternity. The guys were very friendly and just very approachable. I definitely felt welcome there.

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Activities: National Society of Leadership and Success, UNI/CR Navigators, Dance Marathon





Name: Sam Wiegers

Major: Theatre Performance and Music General Studies

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018

Why you chose UNI: No particular reason. I liked the campus and the size.

Why you chose Sig Ep: I had friends in it, saw all of the great contributions they were making around campus and the community, and noticed that the quality of men in the group was very high and wanted to be a part of an organization like that.

Hometown: Waukee, Iowa

Activities: TheatreUNI (Performing, technical help, ect.), Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre Honor/business Fraternity), UNI Singers Choir, Music Dept.