Succeeding academically is the reason we’re all at UNI.  Out of the top 3 things UNI students need to do, it’s number 1, 2, and 3.  Some may think it’s counterintuitive that fraternities help academic performance, but as SigEp shows, sometimes there’s more than meets the eye.

First off, SigEp has a chapter average GPA of 3.22.  That’s higher than all UNI fraternities, and higher than UNI’s average male GPA, average student GPA, and average women’s GPA (yes, the average SigEp gets better grades than the average woman at UNI).  So any way you slice it, SigEps are leading the campus academically.  SigEp can do that for a number of reasons.

We start by recruiting students who have a proven track record of academic success.  Then, we engage them in a variety of academic mentoring programs to enhance their performance, including time management, course planning, speed reading, and effective test-taking.    And our undergraduate leadership performs periodic grade checks to make sure our newest members are succeeding.

But the most important thing isn’t even something SigEp consciously does.  It’s the extra lift, the extra support you get when a chapter full of your best friends constantly asks how you’re doing academically, whether you’re on track, and whether you need help.  You’re not going to get that anywhere else – not from the guys on your residence hall floor, not really from your resident assistant, and not from your professors.  Where UNI forces you to seek out help, SigEp brings it to your doorstep.


UNI students have played at least some high school sports.  Most of us, unfortunately, aren’t good enough to play varsity at UNI, but we still want to continue playing sports competitively.  UNI has a great intramural program that thousands of students participate in each year, and if you like both playing and winning, SigEp is the right way to do intramurals.

There are two great things about SigEp intramurals: we win, and every member can play every sport at their own level.  SigEp has enough members to field competitive teams that challenge for division titles in every sport.  But because of our manpower, we can also field teams for guys who might not be as competitive, but still want to play.  If you participate in intramurals through a dorm floor or an off-campus team, there’s usually only one team, so chances are you’ll be a competitive guy playing with guys who just want to have fun, vice-versa, or not able to play at all.  SigEp makes it possible to play everything you want at the level you want to play it.

And when it comes to winning, SigEp has won 11 of the last 15 all-sports intramural championships, multiple times breaking UNI’s points records.  Because we can field competitive teams in so many sports, and can field a high number of teams, you’ll always be in the hunt for a title with SigEp.


After academic excellence and making lifelong friends, most students next think to how they can leave a legacy on the UNI campus – how they can make a long-lasting impact. There are hundreds of ways to get involved at UNI and make your mark, and through SigEp, you can find your way to leave a legacy, both in the fraternity and on campus

In addition to the 25+ leadership roles in the fraternity, SigEps are involved in over 100 campus organizations, with notable leadership roles in student government (multiple senators and student body presidents in 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2012-2013), the Interfraternity Council (President and Vice-President), residence hall government (Bender Hall President), Student Alumni Ambassadors (President), 4 members of Connecting Alumni to Students, College of Business Professional Readiness Program, and many, many more. SigEp encourages and expects its members to grow their leadership skills outside of the chapter to benefit UNI.


It seems like whenever you ask a college graduate what they remember most about college, they’ll say the people and the fun times they had.  It’s almost universal, and it’s true.  College is a period of such intense growth that you’ll naturally build friendships with the people you’re around.  But when you ask these same people what their friends are up to now, way too many don’t know.  Even fewer still have ever had a college friend help them with jobs or business opportunities.

You will form lifelong friendships in SigEp, much more so than you ever could without it.  College is a period of such intense growth that you’ll naturally create deep relationships with the people you’re around.  And because of the unique activities SigEp offers, you’ll spend more time with your SigEp brothers over a longer period of time, and it will multiply the normal college relationship-builing effect, much more so than you could ever have with people you meet in the residence halls or work on class projects with.  The difference is night and day.

And think about after you’ve graduated from UNI.  Without some kind of structure, how will you keep in touch with the people you spent your college years with?  Your residence hall won’t put out an alumni newsletter or host a homecoming reunion.  Neither will your apartment building.  Your college will try, but with hundreds of people graduating from your college each year, how good of a job can they really do?  Fraternities are the only organizations that provide the experiences to build deep friendships and the long-term structure to keep them thriving.

SigEp and fraternities in general are the only organizations that offer the types of ongoing activities that create true lifelong friendships, and provide a structure to keep those friendships thriving over time.  If you ask any active SigEp, they can tell you what their friends are doing and how they’ve helped them professionally, because SigEp makes it possible to do that.