SigEp does NOT haze, period.  It has no place at UNI or any of SigEp’s other campuses.


There are many reasons we don’t haze our new members.  We’re not training men for battle, so a heavily disciplined “boot camp” style of development makes no sense.  We’re not the military, so yelling and physical drills are not tolerated.  We’re not in kindergarten, so we do not watch our new members every minute of every day. We do not believe we need to “tear someone down so we can build them up again,” a common justification among hazing organizations.  We take only men of the highest quality to begin with, and help them grow in positive ways.


If you have any doubt, consider this.  In the past 4 years, two student body presidents (Adam Haselhuhn and Jordan Bancroft-Smythe) joined SigEp after they were elected.  Why would a senior and Student Body President join an organization where he would be hazed?
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