SigEp offers a variety of academic mentoring programs to enhance their performance, including time management, course planning, speed reading, and effective test-taking. We use our faculty advisor, Steve Carigan, to provide monthly “check-in” meetings with our newest members to ensure they’re on-track academically. And our undergraduate leadership performs periodic grade checks to make sure our newest members are succeeding.


But the most important thing isn’t even something SigEp consciously does. It’s the extra lift, the extra support you get when a chapter full of your best friends constantly asks how you’re doing academically, whether you’re on track, and whether you need help. You’re not going to get that anywhere else – not from the guys on your residence hall floor, not really from your resident assistant, and not from your professors. Where UNI forces you to seek out help, SigEp brings it to your doorstep.
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