Fraternity recruitment has two purposes: making friends, and deciding whether SigEp is a fit for each potential member , and whether the potential member is a fit for SigEp.  Recruitment activities are a combination of individual meetings and recruitment events involving a number of chapter members and potential members, and are offered throughout the year, including summer.


  • Step 1: Informal “Get-to-Know-You”

When you meet most fraternities, they’ll try to bring you to a big “rush” event, where there will be a bunch of guys with only a couple you know.  We don’t.  We start with an informal meeting – coffee, lunch, something like that – with you and a couple of fraternity members.  Why?  We want to get to know you, your goals, and what you’re looking for out of your time at UNI, and discuss how we think SigEp can help you.  Sometimes there’s a match, and if that’s true for you, we’ll move on to the next step.  Sometimes there’s not, and that’s okay; we only want to bring in members who we can help.


  • Step 2: Meet the Chapter

If you do decide to explore SigEp further, we’ll invite you to a chapter event so you can meet some more of the chapter members.  This is really important, because not only do we want to know that we can help you achieve your goals, we want you to know that you’re comfortable with the men in the chapter.  You may not know after one event; it may take a few.  But that’s okay, because we want you to be sure.  And if you decide we’re not your kind of people, that’s okay.


  • Step 3: Learn What to Expect and How SigEp Can Benefit You

If you decide you like what SigEp can offer you and you like the guys, the next step is to talk specifics.  We want to make sure you’re okay with the time and monetary commitment, and that you clearly understand what you’ll need to do in SigEp to get the benefits you’re looking for.  So if you’re really interested in developing your leadership skills, we’ll make sure you understand how that can happen.  If you really want to compete in intramurals, we’ll go through that.  If you’re really interested in career development and networking, we’ll cover that…and on and on.  It may take a couple of meetings, but it’s very important, becuase you need to know exactly what’s expected of you.  Most potential members who get to this point decide to join the chapter, but if you decide it isn’t for you, again, that’s okay.


  • Step 4: Decide If It’s For You

The last step is make the commitment to SigEp by signing what’s known as a bid card, which registers you with UNI as a member of SigEp.  You’ll also register online with SigEp headquarters and pay your first semester dues of $335.


Once that happens, you’ll go through a ceremony marking your induction into the Fraternity as a full member of SigEp – not as a pledge – and you’ll begin the chapter’s member education program.  And you’ll be a full member of SigEp, starting your journey of brotherhood.

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